Ansuman Bhagat's book has been reviewed by some special people here.

Through this book a person can give a better and new look to his life with a positive feeling in his life, which will serve as a direction for the youth in the coming tomorrow. This meaningful effort of Ansuman will inspire the youth.

~ Sri Raghubar Das - Former Chief Minister of Jharkhand

Ansuman, the effort you have made is quite good and the turn you are today. Far from writing a book about such a subject, the youth do not even think about it. The positive steps you have taken will motivate the youth so that they will be able to choose the right path in their life. And this book needs to be read not once but four times.

~ Dr.C Rao Bhaskar - Senior Literature

I am really surprised to know that Ansuman today working as an inspirational writer. Not only he is working in this field, but he is presenting great thoughts to inspire people. And it is a very good thing that Ansuman has chosen a good path. So that he can get success in his life.

~ Hari Mittal - Director & Coach

In this competitive time, when people are running behind their goals, which is not bad, but then they get lost somewhere in the journey disheartened, depressed. They feel hopeless and the whole world seems against them then comes the book like "Your Own Thought" at rescue.

~ Mishka Tarkar - USA Actress & Model

Ansuman, you are a good motivational writer and you have tried very well to motivate people, I wish you a lot of best wishes, for your future and you have been writing such a good book, The people who are motivated by reading, And he could bring some changes in his life.

~ Raghav Nayyar - Indian Actor

Thank you for sharing your inspirational book and to motivate everyone that with determination and believing in yourself we can achieve anything and that the sky is the limit. Often, we do not challenge ourselves. We believe that we cannot do what we are able to do, what we have the potential to do.

~ Manish Panchal - Freelancer Creative Director