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Ansuman Bhagat is a famous writer of the 21st century whose name comes first among the famous personalities of Jamshedpur in the field of writing. Along with this, Ansuman has also known for his simple writing and beautiful ideology. Ansuman Bhagat is the first writer in the country who raised his voice for the rights of writers and their livelihood from the state government. He has written four books so far and all these books also come in the category of bestselling books on the World Wide Web. Ansuman's fourth book was recently published, titled 'Ek Safar Mein', in this book he wrote about the reality of the Bollywood TV industry and the life of a common artist, due to which Ansuman Bhagat became a lot of discussions.

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Ansuman Bhagat has been featured in almost all the media, newspapers, and radio of India at the national level. And he is known globally for his writings.

Ansuman Bhagat is the author of bestselling books - Your Own Thought (2018), Best Inspirational Quotes By Ansuman Bhagat (2020), Art Of Making Side Income (2020), Ek Safar Mein (2021), and Rajneetik Gherav (2022). He is one of the best Inspirational authors in India. He writes a self-help motivational book. Those whose thoughts are quite popular on social media, today’s young generation are inspired by reading the thoughts of Ansuman Bhagat, they write thoughts that motivate most youths. He helps people to motivate themselves so that everyone can make their lives simple and successful. And along with this, Ansuman Bhagat's book is the bestselling book, which is selling worldwide. He writes his book on the topics of success, the importance of time, reality, nature, etc. which prove to be very useful for making some better changes in our lives. 

When a person dreams in his sleep, then many characters are seen together, just like we see a movie in theatres. But does it ever really happen as we dream while sleeping? A writer writes a lot of his thoughts, which are seen or read as KNOW MORE 

Rajneetik Gherav

Writers Ansuman Bhagat and Balaji Mishra have shown its effect in every field of politics in this book because politics is such a subject on which different people have different views, "Rajneetik Gherav" this book is based on people's thinking KNOW MORE 

Jaati Mat Puchho

It is certainly a matter to ponder how people in each state of India are divided according to their caste, with thousands of such divisions evident across different states. If we look at the list, we will see numerous tribes living in India who are KNOW MORE 

"Your Own Though" refers to the thoughts you have in your mind. In today's run-of-the-clock and busy life, people do not understand their inner feelings. but take it as a competition to know how to reach them. In fact, everyone has the same power KNOW MORE 

Most popular inspirational quotes by  Ansuman Bhagat

Build yourself up to stand out and be recognized in a crowd. 

Goodness can't be bought, but only be garnered from a good atmosphere. 

Make yourself able enough to not depend on anyone else. 

If you are hungry for success, you are capable of moving on in life.

Hard work is not enough to be successful in life, we should also use our brains. 

When our thinking is big, then we can do anything.

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Ansuman Bhagat is the author of bestselling books, which are selling worldwide. He helps people to motivate themselves so that everyone can make their lives simple and successful.

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